How to Join

How To Join

There are two ways to join the congregation at Montgomery United Methodist Church:

  1. By profession of faith and baptism. Those who have never been baptized and/or have never made a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ will have the opportunity to take this significant step in life.
  2. By transfer from another congregation. Those who are members of other churches are encouraged to integrate their faith story into the life of this congregation. We understand that the Holy Spirit is just as present and active at baptisms in other congregations as the Holy Spirit is here. Therefore, re-baptism is not a requirement for membership.

If you are interested in joining the membership of our church, we ask that you let one of the Pastors know. The Pastor will set up a visit with you that week and you will have an opportunity to learn about our church and ask any questions you might have. Following this meeting, you will be invited to come forward during an upcoming worship service to join the church by profession of faith or transfer of membership. You will be asked to uphold Montgomery United Methodist Church by your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service, and your witness.

After the service, you will be shepherded by an MUMC member. They will direct you to where you will have your picture taken for the Church Family Directory and give you a New Member Packet. You will be invited to a New Member Coffee with the pastors that is offered once a quarter.

If you are interested in knowing more about becoming a member of MUMC, email one of the pastors: David Lindwall, Cabe Matthews, Nancy Kellond,  or call the church office at (936-597-6162); or check the “How to become part of our church family” line on the visitor registration sheet in any worship service at MUMC.