To find out more about having your wedding at MUMC, please contact the church office at 936.597.6162

A marriage ceremony in the church is a worship service and as such it is one of the most sacred rites ministers perform in the church. In order for you to have a sacred and dignified wedding ceremony, you are urged to make thorough preparations. Our pastor and church with the staff desire to render every possible service at this time so that your wedding will be a very memorable experience. For this reason, we call your attention to the following policies and procedures regarding the use of MUMC for weddings. You as the couple are our client and no other member of your families. To avoid any confusion, please ensure all communications come directly from you.

Making the Reservation

A reservation will be confirmed only when the pastor of MUMC has agreed to officiate the wedding or approve the minister and the security deposit has been paid. Reservations will be made on a “first come, first serve” basis and should be listed on the church calendar as early as possible. The hour of the wedding and rehearsal will be determined when the reservation is made. No wedding will be scheduled on Sundays or during Holy Week.

We also do not schedule weddings or rehearsals on the following holidays:

New Year's Day

Ash Wednesday

Labor Day

July 4th

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day (or the week after)