Compassion International

Through Compassion international, We partner with a church in the Dominican Republic. Your sponsorship provides hope to that child in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our Partner Church: Iglesia Metodista Primitiva

Church was founded: 02-28-1998

Partnered with Compassion since: 10-18-2016

City: Neyba

Closest Major City: Barahona

Serving children in village of Los Cerros al Medio

Village population: 4,000

Primary Language: Spanish

Primary Ethnic Group: Mestizo

Community Context:

•Economic: There’s a high rate of unemployment. The rate of poverty in Neyba is 74.5%. Most farm. Average family income per month is $101

•Social: There are no recreational areas. Parents are not modeling a good example for their children.

•Educational: There is no preschool. There is primary and high school.

•Spiritual: There is social decomposition, lack of moral & spiritual values.

•Health: Deficiency in health centers and they are far from the community. Most common illnesses are: Asthma, parasites, skin fungus, sickle cell anemia.

Your sponsorship allows the staff of Generación de Dios Center for Integral Development to provide your sponsored child with Bible teaching to learn of Christ, health screenings, vaccinations, health kits, hygiene training, school supplies, tutoring, music activities, sports activities, leadership development and community service opportunities.


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